This is our current billboard in New York City at the corner of 50th and Broadway! Go check it out! More  billboards to come at the corner of 8th and 40th Street, PABT 1, Midtown Manhattan.

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Legends of Tomorrow Fans Bought a Billboard in New York City to Save the Show

Why Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow Were Cancelled Reportedly Revealed

News from the Great Upfronts Hashtag Bombing of 2022

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Coverage of the event by "Hidden Remote." 

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Coverage of the event by "Bam Smack Pow." 

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#SaveLegendsOfTomorrow trending at a near-record 8,772 tweets.

Warner Bros. Already Has the Perfect Way to Save Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman

Quote: "DC fans are still reeling from the cancellations of Naomi, Batwoman, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, with Legends consistently trending on social media since the news broke and fans launching petitions, running billboard ads, and hashtag-bombing yesterday's Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts."

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Intrepid fans noticed that shortly after posting about the upfronts, the CW took down their post and reuploaded it, seemingly because the first post got bombed with the hashtag #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow and, as such, the CW was hoping fans wouldn't notice if they reposted. 

Legends of Tomorrow Fans Hijack The CW Upfronts to Demand Justice for the DC Series

Quote: "Fans took to social media with the hashtag #SaveLegendsofTomorrow after The CW's Twitter posted an official list for its Fall 2022 lineup."