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"DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the little show that could. Despite increasing ratings, fan support, and glowing reviews, Legends was unceremoniously canceled on April 29, 2022. We fans have rallied together to #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow, and we won't stop until another network saves our band of time-traveling misfits.

The show promotes positivity and still has so many more time periods to explore, so much more to teach us, and so many more stories to tell. We're also fighting for the return of Legends of Tomorrow on behalf of the representation it embodies, which has made it a home, a safe place, for us all.
We are currently raising funds for billboards and other media stunts to gain the attention of Warner Brothers, HBOMax, Netflix and other streamers and networks. See the Campaign Actions page for what we've done so far!


You can also support this initiative by signing our petition: or by joining

the Twitter campaign, spearheaded by @CampaignLegends, where you can connect with like-minded fans and join in

for power hours, games, trivia, Q&As and more.

"When did a Legend ever go quietly?"


Want to start appealing to networks right away? Click the button to our resources page!

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