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Thanks to the fundraiser, the campaign has managed to run several successful actions appealing to the WB and other networks - from plane banners to billboards, Q&As and more. Check out the links below:

Executives from various streaming networks, as well as co-head of DC James Gunn, received a gift basket from Beebo to ring in the New Year!

Our latest stunt to Warner Brothers: a broken Beebo representing heartbroken fans!

Check out the billboards we've put all over the world!

We've flown a plane banner over the WB offices not once but twice... see the photos and videos here!

Several cast and crew members were kind enough to answer questions from fans. Find all their Q&As here!

Contact details for emailing networks and streamers about why they should save Legends of Tomorrow!

Never Forget that the Cast Supports Us 100%

Image-1 (3).png
Image-1 (4).png
Image-1 (5).png
Image-1 (6).png
Image-1 (7).png
Image-1 (8).png
Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 2.54.19 PM.png
Image-1 (11).png
Image-1 (12).png
Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 6.53_edited.jpg
Image-1 (15).png
Image-1 (16).png
Image-1 (17).png

Tala Ashe went to see the billboard in person!

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