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We Legends of Tomorrow fans are a whimsical bunch, and just because the CW never bothered to market Beast Slayers, that hasn't stopped us from making games of our own! This page synthesizes some Legends of Tomorrow games for the youth and the young-at-heart. Warning: Spoilers for the show. (Scroll down for answer keys)

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Check out "Spot the Difference with Legends of Tomorrow" (@SpotDiffLoT on Twitter) for a fun and challenging game! Here's a sample!

Do yourself a favor and play "Guess it with Emojis!" hosted by @EmojisGuessLoT on Twitter!

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Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 9.55_edited.jpg

And of course, no page about Legends games would be complete without a shout out to "Zoomed-in Legends," hosted by @lothiatusgame on Twitter!

If you like a challenge, go check out "Legends of Tomorrow Expressions Game," hosted by @Legendsexpress5 on Twitter!

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Legends of Tomorrow has some of the most memorable quotes I've ever heard on a TV show. Play "Guess The Legends Quote" by @Quoteguess_LOT on Twitter to try your hand at recalling what episodes certain quotes come from!

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Put your thinking caps on, because "Jukebox Legends" by @LegendsJukebox on Twitter requires you to match a scene or character from Legends to a series of songs!

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 4.24.51 AM.png

Who's that Pokemon?! No. "Who's that Legend?!" by @LoT_silhouettes on Twitter! Play this game and guess the Legends based on a silhouette of the character!

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Another game?! Yes, indeed, and this one asks you to guess the props based on a photo with a blacked out prop in it! Check out "What Prop is it Anyways?" by @LoT_props on Twitter!

Answer Keys

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