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There can be no denying that Legends of Tomorrow has received universal acclaim from every news site that has watched it and given it a chance. Here are a collection of articles that are the most informative about Legends of Tomorrow's unique impact on the modern television landscape. 


"Fans of the series love it because it's not afraid to get weird or push the limits of the franchise. The Legends are also an ever-revolving cast full of representation, which makes every character interesting and unique."


"Lots of Arrowverse fan-favorites are returning for Season 9 of The Flash, but Legends of Tomorrow deserves its own swan song to finish its story."

Legends as Other Heroes.webp
Rolling Stones

"Where Legends was once serious to a fault, now it’s endlessly playful. It acknowledges the fundamental silliness of the material in a way that so many shows of this genre are reluctant, if not embarrassed, to do."

Screen Rant.jpg
Screen Rant

"The global fan response to the cancellation was swift and powerful [...] This sort of fan loyalty is not easily dismissed, and any network that chose to revive Legends of Tomorrow could expect to see their investment pay off big."


"Legends is a different kind of different because, more than any show on the air right now, it cares about being fun while it's making a point. And in some ways, the fun and hope of the show is the point. And it does so in a way that's loving, empathetic, and comforting."

TV Guide

"No cancellation hurts quite as much as DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the wildest and weirdest superhero show on television. Over seven seasons on The CW, Legends has garnered a reputation for reinventing itself in brilliant and surprising ways, and pushing the limits of what a broadcast sci-fi show can be."

Legends of Tomorrow Poster 2.jpg

"Legends of Tomorrow is genuinely and consistently funny. Its brazen devil-may-care attitude brings in the big entertaining spectacle, but it’s sold by the committed cast of characters. They are well aware of how ridiculous the show has gotten, and this self-aware, off-the-cuff commentary makes it all the more enjoyable."

Legends of Tomorrow 19.jpg

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow has tremendous character development and characterization. Every character who originally came from the Arrowverse is much more likable now that they are Legends -- see Ray Palmer and Mick Rory for examples. Also, no two characters are similar as every Legend is unique and relatable in their own way."


"Legends of Tomorrow is an adventure and there is a beauty in it that you just can’t get in any other show on television. In a shared universe where anything is possible, it still manages to do the impossible and push the boundaries of believability to deliver episodes that are both inherently compelling and laugh-out-loud hilarious."


"Legends of Tomorrow was a unique superhero show that decided to throw away the rule book to have a good time zipping through time and space, and fans will always be grateful they were invited along for the ride."

"Sara Lance is an integral part of the Arrowverse, and her many skills make her the perfect assassin and superhero."

"Fans saw true character evolution and decisions that actually impacted the lives of the team for more than one episode. Each time a character moved off the show or experienced a major change, it was a risk -- but each of those risks paid off and made the series better while the rest of the Arrowverse squandered its storytelling promise."

Legends of Tomorrow.webp

"Season 7’s epic ending warrants a more closer look at the entire Booster Gold twist. We also need to know how and why this new agency is after the crew of the Waverider."

Girls United

"True representation to me (Olivia Swann) means seeing Black people’s stories told as freely and with as much passion and encouragement as white-centered stories."

Matt the Catania

"Season seven may be LOT’s strongest season. It also had its most intriguing cliffhanger. This is why we can’t just shrug off this cancellation. Viewers were on a roller coaster that abruptly stopped just as it was about to crest its biggest loop. We’re too high up & far from the exit to safely leave the ride now."

Legends of Tomorrow 19.jpg
Bleeding Cool

"But no matter what reason you choose to go with, Warner Bros. Discovery? It's time to bring back DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

Tarazi Siblings.png

"Devoid of stereotypes and proud of their Iranian culture, Zari (Tala Ashe) and Behrad Tarazi (Shayan Sobhian) stand as examples of fair and realistic representation of Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) characters in an industry filled with problematic stereotypes, and the writers behind them deserve accolades for their trailblazing representation in the superhero genre."


"The CW has a show that showcases some fantastic heroes while also serving as an ideal cure for superhero fatigue: the time-traveling Legends of Tomorrow."

Legends of Tomorrow 21.webp
Den of Geek

“We’ve really tried to double down on messages of hope, the power of love, of accepting who you are, accepting people who are different than you, and listening to people who don’t think the same way you do.”

Sara Lance 2_edited.jpg

"Sara's story has been one of the strongest the Arrowverse has to offer, and she and the rest of the Legends deserve to see it come to a proper finish."


"Although the Arrowverse as a whole no longer enjoys the same popularity that it once had, many look to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as the last vestige of Arrowverse excellence."

Sara and Ava.jpg
Showbiz CheatSheet

"Given the kinds of lives these two have, it’s inevitable that they’re going to change and evolve, sometimes in dramatic ways. But they have space to do that within their relationship because they love one another unconditionally."

"What really makes Legends of Tomorrow the best show in the Arrowverse is its sense of humor."


"In short, Legends of Tomorrow makes for such a fascinating case study because it dared to defy (to borrow The CW's motto) — and boy did it pay off. What once began as a basic superhero show struggling to find a sense of self or even a compelling narrative blossomed into a wickedly funny, incessantly bizarre, character-driven show that now regularly tops "best of" and "critic's favorite" lists."

Legends of Tomorrow 22.webp

"Now, after seven seasons, "Legends of Tomorrow" is still finding ways to reinvent itself."

Paste Magazine

"What began as a bit of a shaky (but fun) hodgepodge of characters from elsewhere in the Arrowverse has turned into one of television’s greatest series. And no, I didn’t say one of TV’s greatest superhero series: I’m saying greatest series, full-stop. "

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