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The Great Billboard Debacle

The first billboard we put out became a tale from the Legends fandom that would go down in history!

For many weeks, a dedicated team of Legends fans worked to get a billboard in New York City to bring attention to the unjust cancellation of Legends of Tomorrow. It took much campaigning, budgeting, and discussing, but after a long effort, we were able to broadcast a beautiful billboard. The problem was, we never planned out who would be present to take a picture of the billboard. Cue a frantic few hours of scrambling to find someone who could take a picture of the billboard so that it could be featured in media articles about the campaign. When it became apparent that we couldn't get in contact with anyone, Twitter user 'Rotem Shaked' (@RotemChan) had the brilliant idea of searching New York City public security camera footage for any sign of the billboard. Cue another frantic few hours of searching through footage from all the security cameras on Broadway to find one facing the billboard. At long last, Twitter user 'sadgoober' (@blueeeebeebo) found one and uploaded a few low-resolution screenshots to Twitter, which were then used in Campaign Tweets.

Fortunately, a fan in New York (@wherescaoimhe on Twitter) did ultimately post some pictures to Twitter that were much higher resolution, and the following day a photographer went to the site of the billboard (the corner of 50th and Broadway) and posted professional photos to Twitter. In the beginning, we were all a little disappointed that other campaign billboards had better 'first photographs,' but with time we came to see the humor in the experience. To quote former Legend Leonard Snart: "make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan." In true Legends fashion, our first try was a screw up, but also in true Legends fashion, we didn't let this get us down, made a new plan, and eventually succeeded.

Professional photograph courtesy of Jamey Looney

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